IT Infrastructure Consulting

As a firm we provide Windows System Administration services, and our role is critical in ensuring that an organization’s IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. Let us describe some key aspects of our services and experience:

Managing Windows Systems:

  • We are responsible for installing, configuring, and updating Windows-based servers.
  • Monitoring server performance and ensuring security.
  • Creating and managing user accounts, setting up permissions, and implementing group policies.
  • Troubleshooting issues within the Windows environment, including diagnosing hardware or software problems, resolving network connectivity issues, and addressing security vulnerabilities.
  • Familiarity with hardware devices (servers, printers).
  • Experience with databases, patch management, and LAN/WAN networks.

Active Directory (AD):

  • AD is a critical component of the Windows environment.
  • It streamlines the management of users, computers, and other resources within a network.
  • AD makes it easier for administrators to maintain security and control access.

SharePoint Administration

  • Creating and destining SharePoint sites – Communication or Team + HUBs
  • Securing and sharing files and folders with outside vendors
  • One Drive Data administration and recovery in Office 365

Remember that our work as a Windows System Administrator contributes to the overall efficiency and stability of an organization’s IT infrastructure and efficiency.